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B i o g r a p h y

Eden Walker, born in in 1995, is a British pianist based in Hamburg, Germany.

His focus on delving into the underrepresented virtuoso piano works of composers such as Reger, Busoni, Alkan, and Godowsky has earned him a reputation as a pianist adept at navigating the technical and intellectual intricacies of this challenging repertoire.

His studies include those with Dr. Robert Markham at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the United Kingdom, and with Prof. Jens Elvekjær at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Denmark, and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock in Germany, where he is presently a doctoral student in Musicology. This combination of practical skill and historical depth allows him to delve into the cultural contexts of the piano repertoire, reinforcing his commitment to preserving the legacy of overlooked composers. This dual perspective distinguishes him as a pianist with both technical prowess and a profound understanding of the intellectual nuances within the world of classical music.

Currently, Eden Walker serves as a teacher at the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg, where he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of pianists.

His debut album marks a significant milestone in his dedication to the art of piano, reflecting a genuine commitment without unnecessary embellishments. This contribution to the musical community solidifies his place as a noteworthy and esteemed pianist.

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