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The following programme notes were mostly written for pieces in my own repertoire. You may use them as you wish, with appropriate reference to my work.

If you would like me to write something about a piece not listed below, please contact me.

J. S. Bach — Art of Fugue BWV 1080, Contrapunctus IV download

J. S. Bach — Prelude and Fugue in d-sharp/e-flat minor download

J. S. Bach / F. Busoni — Toccata and Fugue in d minor, BWV 565 download

L. v. Beethoven — Sonata in A-flat, Op. 26 download

L. v. Beethoven — Concerto in G, Op 58 download

L. v. Beethoven — Sonata in A-flat, Op. 110 download

F. Bridge — Sonata, H. 160 download

F. Busoni — Toccata, BV 257 download

F. Busoni — Sonatina

F. Busoni — Sonatina Seconda

F. Busoni — Sonatina ad usum infantis download

F. Busoni — Sonatina in diem Navitatis Christi

F. Busoni — Sonatina brevis Joannis Sebastiani Magni

F. Busoni — Sonatina No. 6 (Carmen)

F. ChopinScherzo in c-sharp minor, Op 39 download

F. Chopin — Polonaise-Fantasie in A-flat, Op 61

M. K. Čiurlionis — Selected Preludes download

E. Grieg — Lyric Pieces, Op. 71

G. Ligeti — Arc-en-ciel

F. Liszt — Sonata in b minor

F. Liszt — Réminiscences de Norma

F. Liszt — Nuages Gris

W. A. Mozart — Sonata in c minor download

F. Schubert — Fantasie in C download

R. Schumann — Kreisleriana, Op. 16 download

R. Schumann — Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op. 26

A. N. Scriabin — 24 Preludes, Op, 11

A. N. Scriabin — 5 Preludes, Op, 16

A. N. Scriabin — Sonata No. 9 (Black Mass), Op. 58 download

S. V. Prokofiev — Toccata, Op. 11

S. V. Prokofiev — Sonata No. 5, Op, 135

M. Reger — Intermezzi, Op 45

M. Reger — Variations and Fugue on a theme by J. S. Bach, Op. 81

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